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Since 1993 I have provided architectural design services in Northern California. Trained and educated at Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, I specialize in custom single-family homes and major remodels. Each design is uniquely tailored to the building site and the client, with a strong emphasis on natural and sustainable architecture.


I am in the business of creating authentic architecture that fits naturally in the surroundings and harmoniously with the site. Over the years my focus has evolved to include greater promotion of environmental sustainability through design and innovation, with a strong emphasis on balancing the aesthetics and functionality.

Where I differ from other architects and designers is in my effort to create buildings that not only solve my clients’ needs, but also enhance their lives by utilizing creative solutions that allow for uniquely attractive spaces. I find that, most of the time, a little extra effort is all that is necessary to generate a building design that will merge form and function into an amazing result. A sustainable “green” building that is unattractive is not an option for me.

I need, and seek, extraordinary clients that are looking for, and require, extraordinary projects.

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